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I’m Manhar, and Math Teacher Institute is the place for people who love teaching math!

I want to help you and your team become empowered experts in math education.

                        The key to being a better math teacher is…..                          to better understand the math you teach!


We have all been in professional development sessions with little to NO connection to a REAL math classroom!

It’s time for math professional development that is focused on MATH!

You’re sick of: 

  • Spending hours planning lessons
  • Feeling unprepared
  • Teaching to a test
  • Worrying every time a student asks a question
  • And teaching your students to memorize, instead of to understand.

And you’re ready for:

  • A quick and easy way to improve your knowledge of the content you teach
  • Being able to go beyond “how” to solve problems, and dive into “why” we solve them and why our methods work

I specialize in Math Professional Development and Curriculum consulting that allows YOU to really help your math teachers teach better.  There are lots of options for pedagogical training. Math Teacher Institute is different.   We provide training and curriculum services focused on improving math content knowledge in math teachers.

My mission is to help every math teacher master their subject, and feel completely confident every day in the classroom.


You deserve to be the best teacher you can be and you already have what it takes to make it happen!

You don’t need another PD session or another certificate for a new curriculum, standardized testing method or textbook training.

You’re a math teacher with big dreams to create a difference in your classroom and inspire your students towards excellence! 






Math Education is my life!


From an early age growing up in America, my Indian father taught me number theory, had me practice math problems daily, and basically trained me to be the next Ramanujan or something (if you have an Asian parent you understand).

Many math competitions and math textbooks later I found myself as a math tutor in college,  where I realized that I didn’t just love math – I loved helping others understand math as well!

I majored in Math Education, met the love of my life (also an Education major) and embarked on my teaching career in a math magnet school with a nationally-ranking math competition team.

It was a dream come true and I loved teaching students that were excited about math and could even challenge me with questions and discussions on higher calculus.

I won the rookie math teacher of the year district award my first year teaching and helped coach the math competition team to national-level success. It was also during this time that I developed my love of curriculum design, helping to create the curriculum used by the district. I now work with schools and companies to create/tweak their curriculums to boost student achievement. 

Life as a teacher was pretty great, but I realized that teachers around the world felt:

  • Disrespected,
  • Overworked,
  • and Underpaid – they have so much work to constantly do (meet with parents, organize events, participate in PD and collaboration meetings, grade for many classes with multiple preps – the list goes on!!
  • On top of this, many teachers felt unprepared or underprepared for teaching certain lessons/math topics and feared students raising their hands to ask questions.
  • Teachers simply had no time to prepare or renew their own understanding of some content.


I decided to embark around the world – to not only help students, but to also help teachers have a better understanding of math.


After teaching in America for years, I worked in the Middle East for 3 years and then returned to America to complete my masters degree at Harvard University.


Next year I will be in China helping math teachers and students have a more conceptual understanding of math.



In addition, I also write math curriculum, do math curriculum and coaching consultations and present math teacher workshops for schools.

Are you looking for THE Math guy? I’d love to work with you!

I also love creating videos and resources to help inspire and educate math learners of all ages.

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