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Blow Your Mind Math Episode 1: .999 = 1

At the beginning of the year, I always like to teach a lesson that will hopefully excite and inspire my students and also impress them with how much their new math teacher knows. One problem I use to do this is the old .999 =1 problem. I love this problem, because it serves as a…

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  • He made (math) fun because he explained why and how it worked. He understands how students learn, so he is able to teach math concepts from an interesting, unique perspective.

    Arley R.
  • I noticed his in depth explanations of why his tricks worked which really helped me understand math concepts. And when I understood the concepts, I could correct my mistakes and understand why I made the mistakes in the first place.

    Claudia S.
  • I felt I learned so much more and I was more confident in my math ability.

    Christopher N.
  • You took away the fear of math that I had. I was so afraid to answer aloud in math for fear of being wrong. You showed me that math isn't severe; math is fun. After, I was able to be more confident in my math abilities and became a better math student.

    Logan S.